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php Central Europe Conference is on 03/11/2017 to 05/11/2017 in Ossa, ERW, Poland

php Central Europe Conference Speaker Guide

Hello and welcome to the speaker lineup of phpCE Conference! We’re delighted to have you and can’t wait to see you on stage. This guide is intended to provide you with all the information required or just useful for you to deliver a killer performance.
If you need any additional help or guidance, contact Darek Grzesista, by email or cellular phone +48 604 435 060.

Opening Day for Speakers

You’re warmly invited to join us on Thursday, November 2, for an Opening Day with our other speakers. The meeting time is 10:00 AM next to the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw.
Our plans for the day include:

Room Arrangements and Session Timing

Your time slot is limited to the amount of time you requested earlier, and includes:

Please arrive at least 10 min before your speech, prepared to setup your equipment once the speaker preceding you leaves the stage. If you need any help in setting up your equipment, let us know beforehand. Sessions are planned back-to-back, but the rooms are very close to each other, so attendees won’t have to spend a lot of time moving between rooms.

Room Purpose, Layout and Stage Setup

Check the conference program to see where and when your workshop or talk was scheduled.

Technical details

Every lecture and workshop room ensures fast and well-working wi-fi internet access, using proffessional access points and ready to serve signal for large amount of devices at once. However, we still suggest that you prepare complete offline version of your presentation, for your own, well-understood, safety.

Plan to present from your own laptop, or contact us beforehand if you cannot use your own equipment. Technical details of the room and stage setup are:

If you need any equipment for your presentation, that isn’t mentioned above, please contact us to see if we can arrange it.

Other Important Remarks

When the Call for Papers closes, the organizers will sort through the submissions, making their selections. Speakers will be notified as soon as the selection process has been completed.

This year's package

Our speaker package for this year's event includes:

International speakers are encouraged to submit their ideas, but because of budget restrictions, we can only accept a limited number of speakers from outside the country.

Tips for Submission

We strongly encourage potential speakers to submit more than one submission on more than one topic. The more submissions you contribute, the more options you give us to pick you. Be sure your talk title and abstract define the exact topic you want to talk about and what you hope people will learn from the session. In previous years, some submissions sounded interesting but we just didn't have enough detail for them to make the final cut.

Promotion and Social Media

We’re immensely social and there for you to connect with conference attendees, before, during and after the event. Send us your social media links, we’ll follow you, re-publish your posts and tweets and help you get noticed. Please help us out as well by re-publishing or re-tweeting our content.